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Bellingham for Business is a friendly little place where we introduce and talk about small businesses here in Whatcom County and the surrounding area.

Western Washington is a pretty terrific place to live and work. It's a great community to visit or move to.

If you are part of a small business here, we encourage you to interact socially, share interests and ideas and learn more about our area's thriving and growing business community and help shape our future.

Many of the young people in our area are interested in community involvement, social interaction and professional development.

Our Website Hopes to do the Following:
• Develop and share knowledge or our local businesses
• Promote our local businesses
• Draw, develop and retain quality young professionals to Whatcom County
• Encourage community involvement
• Promote networking events that include local personalities and agendas
• In some small way, improve our lives just a little bit

While there are plenty of technical resources that can help you start, grow and build your business, sometimes what a business owner really needs is just a little encouragement and feedback from other individuals in similar circumstances.

The Score organization serves new and existing businesses in Skagit, Whatcom, San Juan and Island Counties. They have experienced counselors with decades of business experience, including banking, finance, business, management, restaurant, retail lending, accounting, HR, IT and manufacturing. These counselors can provide free confidential counseling.

There are plenty of workshops and events put on or promoted with help by organizations such as SCORE. Most of these events are inexpensive, educational workshops and get-togethers that offer lots of good information and helpful techniques for anyone interested in starting or managing a small business.

Some of these programs are offered through Western Washington University, Bellingham Technical College or Whatcom Community College.

Got a company you want to talk about? Let us know. If we can help spread the word about it, we will.

Helpful Resources Include These:

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